Sara Lovic

Swyft Energy - Brand and Web


Identity and web design for an online boiler replacement company. While I was with WorkGroup I was tasked with researching and generating identity ideas. As well as working on an integral and core part of the website, the boiler calculator. The online calculator aims to help customers get a quote quicky and efficiently and pair a customer in a emergency situation with a relable and certified boiler insaller. In this way a lot of slow and inefficient phonecalls can be avoided and important over-the-phone service can be provided more efficiently.

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Quote Calculator

Web App

The team at Swyft rely on clear, fast and efficient service. Getting a bolier replaced can be a stressful time for a customer. The web calculator aims to give the customer the best boiler option for their needs while simultaniously pairing them with an installer in the case of urgent repairs. The web app emliminates the need for inefficient phone calls which can often delay the service not just for the one customer but everyone waiting in the queue. Only in edge cases would the customer need to be followed up with a phone call. My job was to make the calulator experience simple and clear. I created a set of simple to read and engaging icons and a clean interface with a few simple questions.


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