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In short Sanctifly is a travel fitness app. Sanctifly tries to break the unhealthy habits of professionals who travel frequently.

We all fall into bad habits when faced with long layovers, exhaustion and general stress related to frequent travel. What the team behind Sanctifly try to achieve is create a new travel experience which will offer travellers access to gyms, pools, showers and wellness options in nearby hotels, gyms and at the airport.

My Involvement

When I joined the CI Studio team, due to my interest in tech and UI/UX design, my boss offered me an opportunity to work alongside the Sanctifly team on a freelance basis.

The app had already existed up was in dire need of a complete re-design and re-build, and a rethink of what the brand is visually as well as what we want it to say. I undertook the task of an interdisciplinary designer, and set out to look at all the aspects of the product and try and pitch a more effective solution.

A brief overview of my tasks:

1. Examined the state of the existing product
2. Mapped out the functions of the existing product
3. Took note on the flaws of the UX
4. Took note on the flaws of the UI
5. Took note on visual flaws
6. Drafted surveys to send to my test groups
7. Gathered and visualised data from the surveys
8. Drafted notes on how the results might impact the design and what additional features might come out of it
9. Created a flowchart with the new features
10. Implemented the flowchart in the design of the wireframes
11. Designed a set of custom icons
12. Utilised the brand guidelines that I had created and implemented them on to the wireframes
13. Created a working prototype using Adobe XD
14. Created a set for developers to use to build the app: Wireframes, live prototypes, and animated videos.

Project Goals

1. Re-design the app to align with modern UI/UX standards

2. Incentivise the frequent flyer to use the app when travelling though an engaging interface and a variety of useful travel tools

3. Expand my own knowledge about UI and UX design principles and methodologies and engagement with developers

Existing Product and Surveys

The surveys conduced were on a small group of about 30 people - as the Sanctifly CEO still had not secured funding I was the one person team behind the entire re-design of the product. So our test groups were not large as a reflection of that. However the answers that I was able to yield were very interesting, as the group that I chose to target were tech savvy young professionals, who Sanctifly would like to target as their main users.

Questions such as frequency of travel, travel habits, exercise routines as well as what they would like to see in an app such as this one were asked.

A smaller group of about 10 people were asked to do additional surveys which asked the participants to download the app and give feedback on the ease of use and the overall impression and design. The results were mostly negative, as expected. The navigation was clunky and complicated and the overall appearance was outdated, while the development end of things was fairly outdated and caused many bugs and crashes.

Implementing the Collected Data

The information that I had gathered was used to create the flowchart which tried to make sense of the app navigation.

From my survey findings a big issue that kept popping up was that the app was slow, clunky outdated and the placement of services was not clear. I tried to tackle the navigation aspect first as I believe that the design will follow the function and not the other way around. A clear and concise path is the key to a successful product.

The wireframes followed the flowchart - I came up with a simple and modern layout, one that followed the current UI/UX trends. The next step was to dress the wireframes with the brand and introduce a new set of custom icons.

Sending Documentation to Developers and Further Testing

With the product design now complete we were getting to the final stages. At least with what the funding had allowed us to do. The developers were supplied with the wireframes, live prototype and animated videos to guide them as clearly as possible in the development of the app.

The test group of our 10 people who were surveyed on the original app were asked to compare the new prototype with the original. The results were significantly better. The ease of use had significantly increased and the interface was praised. There is still room for improvements of course, and there always will be once Sanctifly’s user pool expands but for now it is in the hands of the developers to complete it with some occasional consultation from me.


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