Hi I’m Sara, I like to play with machine learning, systems, interactions and write about how technology is changing the future of medicine. I also like to package everything in neat, little, visually interesting packages. Currently I’m doing exactly that at Fjord @ The Dock in Dublin.

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I am passionate about creating simple and elegant interfaces and interactions for complex problems and data heavy, machine learning powered tools. Forever inspired by, Dieter Rams, Jony Ive and Susan Kare.

As well as using prototyping tools to visualise interfaces, I have a font-end engineering skillset.

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I have a deep interest in analysing existing systems, carrying out research and creating new system and service proposals informed by actors, actions and components of those systems. I believe that at the core of all good design is a solid system built on first hand user research which informs the product components and the overall adoption success of the product. A benefit of systems design is the ability to dig into the small details of the system while still keeping the big picture in mind.

A multi-month course with the master of systems & service design Hugh Dubberly opened up a whole new world of design for me to explore.

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I was almost a doctor but I became a designer instead, however my passion for medicine never went away. I translated my passion to address emerging med-tech, explore data bias in medicine and dive into systems thinking to help predict the future of patient experiences.

Talk to me about drug discovery, wearables and how I apply systems thinking to medical challenges.

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Machine Learning+Data Viz

Technology, and specifically emerging tech has been a key interest and passion of mine. So naturally I developed a deep interest in machine learning and artificial intelligence. My role at the Dock only further fuels this fire every day. I enjoy creating simple and user friendly data visualisations and solutions for exceptionally data heavy projects and I am a keen problem solver.

However I am passionate about being involved in this work from an engineering angle as well, so I am currently in the process of obtaining an MSc in Data Analytics.

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